let's get this out of the way, should we?


Yes, there are holes in my pants, no I'm not going to fix them or buy new ones.

Yes, I've cut the neckline of my tshirt, I like it and it's more comfortable that way.

No, I'm not wearing a bra today, I feel like that's a choice everyone should be able to make everyday whitout being questioned.

Yes, some of my clothes may be picked up in the mens section, or kids section, some of my clothes are also picked up in the womens section, why doesn't that bother you?

Yes, my shoes are old and haggard, I love them like that and I will not throw them away and get new ones for your peace of mind.

Yes, I might wear wierd hats or ties or scarves on my head, if I feel like it, this should if anything amuse you, not bother you.

No, I don't wear make up everyday even if I have pimples or redness, I only wear make up when I feel like it and I think that's the way it should be, we shouldn't be concealing our faces because we don't feel perfect, we should decorate our faces if we feel like it.

Yes my hair might look crazy. Sometimes I wake up like that and sometimes I intentionally make it mental-patient-looking. I like it.
Sometimes it also looks normal or pretty, if I feel like it.

Yes, I have scars all over my body, if I don't conceal them you can absolutly ask questions, stare or look away if it bothers you, it's totally OK,  I will not judge you I will just hope that you don't judge me.

And no,  my socks don't match, a lot of people do that it's really not that wierd, you should expand your horizons.

Some people like to dress nice, normal or cool and some people like to dress like a mixture of a hobo and an 80's punk. Let's live and let live people <3


  • Anonym säger:
    2016-04-18 | 13:35:14

    Du är bara för underbart fabulous jessie :) :) Man blir inspirerad varje gång man ser dig :) :)

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