I'm here for you <3


I just walked past a school, passing groups of boys trying to be cool and girls chatting and hugging each other. And than this girl with black clothes, dark makeup and purple hair, walking all by herself, her eyes gracing the ground. And I just wanted to hug her.
I'm you from the future and im here to tell you that I love you, I love you with all my heart. 
You are not the weird one, the ugly one or the outcast, you and everyone like you, you are the special ones.
It sucks balls to be you right now, but I can se the beautiful, vast world behind your stellar monument to loneliness. And when the darkness slowly fades from your life you will be embraced by a warm and loving light. 
And you will never shake the feeling of being a weird, ugly outcast, but it will turn into something you love about yourself.
Cause all those popular, perfect-seeming assholes around you are all the same. They're all boring background noise in the night sky of the grownup world and all of you are going to be the sun and the moon and the stars that make the night sky beautiful and special.

And until you figure that out for yourselves, I will be here for you, to love you when you can't, keep you company when you're alone in the crowd and understand you when no one does.

You are the special ones, you will feel it one day and it's worth waiting for <3