I am wrong

Kategori: Poems/shortstories

I am an artist. That is what I am.
And it's not about putting on the right performance at the right time or drawing the right lines in the right places. Dyeing the right things the right colors, writing the right words in the right order or creating the right treasure from the right trash.
It's about transferring your soul, heart and mind, into something substantial for the whole world to see, no matter how horrible, frightening, displeasing or painfully beautiful.
I can't be and do "right" at all "right" times. I am and I do and I say, wright and make whatever my soul, heart or mind desires at all times. 
I am an artist. Always. I cannot conform.
And therefor I am useless to this society.


Kategori: Poems/shortstories

I've been running down this path for so long
I can't remember what I'm running from
Or could it be that I'm moving towards
Perhaps I am hunted by dreams or reality
Or maby the hunter is really me
The only echo I hear is my own